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The Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack! series fill a hole in the market for readers who are past three letter words, but not ready for 100 page chapter books.

The books are full of down-to-earth, real-life, fun and funny stories that children can enjoy and relate to. With word art or illustrations on every second page, and no huge blocks of text or intimidating words, they're perfect for newly independent readers.

Billie's Super Duper Adventure Series features a younger Billie. she's in preschool, but she's got the same strong personality, the same fabulous imagination and the same close friends. Billie brings those close friends on her imaginative adventurous, and the everyday tales will stir imaginations in all sorts of colorful ways. The text is sophisticated, but easily understood, and is perfect for reading aloud in … um… preschool. The design is engaging and Alisa Coburn's bright, vivid illustrations are fun and just so, so cheerful. They're stories about real kids with real imaginations. What's better than that, when you're three?

In the Billie B. Mysteries series a slightly older Billie, her best friend, Jack, and other familiar friends from the original series, solve mysteries at school and in the neighborhood, using their smarts and common sense to get to the bottom of things. Billie B. Mysteries are a higher reading level.