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The Educational Records Bureau provides testing services to private schools. CTP 4 is the Comprehensive Testing Program used in Grades 1 to 10 in many private schools.

CTP 4 was designed to assess what students know at a particular point in time. Targeted preparation would defeat the purpose of the test. For this reason there is little public information about specific test content and no practice tests. While directed preparation is discouraged what it always makes sense for any parent to do is to expose their child to materials that will enrich their learning. That's what the titles suggested here do.

If you're visiting after the test with concerns about your child's score you'll also find these suggestions applicable. Choose the subject area you'd like your child to work on and you'll find engaging, thought provoking exercises which will build skills.

The CTP-4 comprises a number of subtests covering reading and mathematics at all levels. Levels 1 and 2 also test word analysis and listening skills. Levels 3 and beyond test verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, writing skills and vocabulary.

Many public schools use a similar battery of tests annually. It is common to differentiate between standardized tests of taught knowledge (the reading, writing, word analysis, vocabulary and math component of the CTP 4) and ability tests (sometimes incorrectly called IQ tests) which attempt to ascertain a child's ability to learn (the listening, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning component of the CTP 4).

Can You Find Me K-1
Follow the Rules

Word Analysis:
Can You Find Me? K-1
Vocabulary Smarts Book 1
Language Smarts

Language Smarts
Reading Detective

Mathematical Reasoning
Math Detective

Verbal Reasoning:
Building Thinking Skills
Think Analogies
Word Roots

Quantitative Reasoning:
Mathematical Reasoning
Scratch Your Brain
Writing Skills

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