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Kane Miller Titles
Kane Miller Titles


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KM679510 !No te preocupes!
KM279945 1,2,3...By the Sea
KM674218 123 Counting
KM678124 2 Pirates + 1 Robot
KM640515 A Celebration of Brothers
KM640522 A Celebration of Sisters
KM673549 A Hot Cold Summer
KM674096 A Year in My Life
KM678223 Across the Savannah
KM676854 Across the USA Activity Book
KM672887 Adventure
KM676472 Alfie and Bet's ABC
KM673624 All Better!
KM677462 Also an Animal
KM678414 Amazing Acrobats
KM677356 Amazing Women
KM674690 Amelia Who Could Fly
KM675116 Americanly
KM677561 Animal Detective
KM673457 Animally
KM640843 Another Book About Bears.
KM676342 Antarctic Attack
KM679091 Aqui y alla
KM675352 Architect Academy
KM675987 At the Garage
KM676649 At the Hospital
KM678230 At the Library
KM677127 Ava's Spectacular Spectacles
KM673686 B is for Bedtime
KM675574 Babies Come From Airports
KM675215 Ballet Backflip
KM674188 Battle of the Heroes
KM678612 Be Brave!
KM641239 Be Positive!
KM674041 Be the Change, Make it Happen
KM677547 Bear Grylls Extreme Planet
KM677554 Bear Grylls Survival Camp
KM673662 Bears Don't Read!
KM640058 Beast Feast
KM679329 Beastly Bugs
KM640553 Best Behavior
KM640362 Bethany Sings Out
KM678803 Big Race, The
KM784851 Billie B. Brown Collection (15 books)
KM677967 Birdhouse
KM671897 Bob is a Unicorn
KM678308 Boy Band of the Apocalypse
KM677394 Boy
KM674713 Brain Twisters
KM676243 Breath of the Dragon
KM677424 Bug Brother
KM677660 Bug Hotel
KM677721 Build Me a Home
KM677707 Bully on the Bus
KM671620 Bushfire Rescue
KM672870 Busy Trucks on the Go
KM676748 Buzz, Buzz
KM679589 Camiones en accion
KM675932 Can I Join Your Club?
KM678513 Castle of Cyborgs
KM670425 Cats, Cats!
KM678926 Cautious Chameleon
KM677158 Chef Academy
KM640355 Chloe Center Stage
KM675062 Choc Shock
KM677929 Choose Your Own Journey Under the Sea
KM675376 Choose Your Own Journey
KM641123 Class Picture
KM678025 Cleopatra Bones and the Golden Chimpanzee Explorer
KM673129 Code Breakers
KM676007 Coder Academy
KM678452 Color & Pop-up Christmas
KM678438 Color & Pop-up Mermaids
KM678445 Color & Pop-up Monsters
KM675789 Colorful World: Farm
KM675772 Colorful World: Forest
KM677387 Colorful World: Prehistoric
KM677370 Colorful World: Safari
KM675765 Colorful World: Sea
KM678483 Construction Site
KM674416 Cordelia
KM678148 Count to Five
KM640928 Count With Me!
KM675581 Counting Through the Day
KM279013 Cranky Paws
KM674409 Create Your Own Boutique
KM674393 Create your own Pizzeria
KM679879 Crinkle Jungle
KM679862 Crinkle Pets
KM671880 Crocodile Attack
KM677301 Cuddle Bear Board Book and Snuggler
KM677752 Cuddly Kitty
KM678889 Cuenta un cuento
KM674089 Cut & Color Playbook Seasons

KM675802 D is for Duck!
KM670722 Dan, the Taxi Man
KM677578 Dangerous Animals
KM674874 Day and Night
KM673952 Desert Dustup
KM677172 Dinosaurs
KM676632 Doctor Academy
KM673143 Dog and Mouse
KM678247 Dogs in Space
KM670418 Dogs, Dogs!
KM679961 Dotty and Dash's 123
KM675208 Double Dare You
KM679473 Double Felix
KM640348 Dr. Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System
KM678186 Dragon Post
KM675093 Drama Queen
KM640478 Draw Me a Story
KM675239 Dreams Come True
KM679657 Drives a Digger!
KM679145 El cuerpo humano
KM678872 El lemur sonador
KM750013 Ella Diaries Collection (5 books))
KM679558 En el avion
KM679176 En el hospital
KM679183 En la biblioteca
KM679152 En la ciudad
KM679138 En la estacion espacial
KM679565 En la granja
KM675468 Engineer Academy
KM677165 Entrepreneur Academy
KM679381 Epic Climbs
KM679398 Epic Expeditions
KM674140 Escape from Wolfhaven Castle
KM132140 Everyone Poops
KM784319 Extreme Adventures Complete Collection (8)
KM679336 Extreme Animals
KM640485 Fair Shares
KM676311 Fairy Tales
KM676878 Farm Animals
KM675185 Farm Rescue
KM677486 Farmers Market Surprise!
KM676137 Fizz and the Dog Academy Rescue
KM676151 Fizz and the Handbag Dognapper
KM676120 Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts
KM676144 Fizz and the Show Dog Jewel Thief
KM785827 Fizz Complete Collection (4)
KM605159 Fox
KM677837 Fox's Box
KM678360 Friends Not Forever
KM679060 Friendship Quotes
KM678384 Friendship S.O.S.
KM679039 From Me to You
KM676793 Go Well, Anna Hibiscus!
KM279662 Gobble, Gobble, Moooooo Tractor Book
KM676090 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
KM640591 Goodnight, Chameleon!
KM679084 Goodnight, Owl!
KM676175 Grandma's Favorite
KM676168 Grandpa's Favorite
KM673594 Grizzly Trap
KM678902 Grumpy Tortoise
KM677745 Happy Puppy
KM677097 Hello, Happy!
KM677141 Here and There
KM784852 Hey Jack! Collection (15 books)
KM640065 History Uncovered The U.S.A.
KM678865 Home, Sweet Home
KM673815 Hot & Cold
KM679534 How Big is Our Baby?
KM674959 How to Bathe Your Little Dinosaur
KM674942 How to Brush Your Teeth with Snappy Croc
KM674973 How to Feed Your Cheeky Monkey
KM674966 How to Tuck in Your Sleepy Lion
KM678292 How to Win a Nobel Prize
KM785581 How to... Complete Collection (4)
KM674867 Hush-a-Bye Bunny
KM674850 Hush-a-Bye Owl
KM676328 Hush-a-Bye Rabbit
KM679909 I Breathe
KM674027 I Can Count
KM640027 I Can Do It!
KM678261 I Do it Like This!
KM675222 I Heart Pets
KM679893 I Like Animals... What Jobs are There?
KM640881 I Like Sports… what jobs are there?
KM670128 I Love People
KM677110 I Say Ooh, You Say Aah
KM674065 I Want to Be An Astronaut
KM641307 I Want to Dance
KM672962 I'm a Dirty Dinosaur
KM674614 I'm a Hungry Dinosaur
KM672894 Imagine
KM675994 In the City
KM640874 In the Forest
KM677615 In the Jungle
KM640089 In the Wild Activity Book (CV)
KM676021 Inspirational Quotes
KM677431 Invisible Brother
KM640072 It's Christmastime!
KM674911 Jobs
KM671187 Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster
KM679244 Jose Juan y el monstruo ysi
KM678155 Jump Around
KM674010 Jungle Animals
KM673600 Killer Whale
KM677974 Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night!
KM673716 Kooky Crumbs
KM677677 Lemur Dreamer
KM640713 Lenny and Wilbur
KM675819 Let's Go to Playgroup!
KM676304 Let's Go to the Farm!
KM641246 Letting Go!
KM678858 Lifesize Dinosaurs
KM677318 Lifesize
KM640782 Lightning Girl
KM640621 Lights-Out, Leonard
KM750010 Lily the Elf Collection (4 books)
KM640379 Lily's Secret Audition
KM676038 Literary Quotes
KM676205 Little Bear Needs Glasses
KM679480 Little Fox
KM678841 Little Leaves
KM679497 Little Lion
KM679008 Little Rabbit's Big Surprise
KM676106 Little Red Riding Hood
KM679251 Little Waves
KM640270 Love from Alfie McPoonst, the Best Dog Ever
KM676212 Love You Hoo
KM679190 Ludwig el Perro espacial
KM677080 Ludwig the Sea Dog
KM676489 Ludwig the Space Dog
KM678643 Ludwig the Time Dog
KM676755 Luna Loves Library Day

KM678162 Make a Noise
KM673877 Make Up or Break Up
KM675086 Making Waves
KM676298 Mammoth
KM673419 Man-Eater
KM679596 Manual de Supervivencia Volumen 1
KM679169 Maravillas de EE. UU.
KM679237 Mi abuela y yo
KM679220 Mi abuelo y yo
KM678117 Mind Your Manners
KM674232 Monsters
KM279082 Motorbike Bob
KM678407 My (Almost) Perfect Puppy
KM675505 My Beautiful Room
KM640652 My Book (not yours)
KM677202 My Daddy is a Hero
KM673167 My Farm Animal World
KM674034 My First 100 Words
KM675178 My First Kitten
KM675161 My First Puppy
KM676892 My Little Farm
KM677219 My Mommy is a Hero
KM678391 My New Best Friend
KM673150 My Wild Animal World
KM640942 My Year of Art
KM679886 Night, Night Busy Town
KM677820 Night, Night on the Farm
KM677103 No Worries!
KM678636 Now and Then
KM678940 Numbers
KM673464 Ocean Animals
KM676052 Oceans
KM673709 On the Construction Site
KM674225 On the Farm
KM676656 On the Farm
KM678216 On the Mountain
KM674126 On the Plane
KM674119 On the Space Station
KM673655 On the Train
KM678537 Once Upon a Timely
KM677479 Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails
KM640638 Our World
KM676199 Pandamonia
KM674928 Paper Animals
KM676069 Patterns
KM640232 Patty and the Shadows
KM640225 Patty Hits the Court
KM640249 Patty Takes Charge
KM784320 Pet Vet Complete Collection (6)
KM676625 Pilot Academy
KM676113 Pink Lion
KM677714 Play Me Some Music
KM673631 Playground Detectives
KM675024 Plush
KM677585 Polar Worlds
KM675246 Pony School Showdown
KM676236 Prisoner of the Black Hawk
KM676762 Proverbs from Around the World
KM676779 Quotes from Shakespeare
KM677509 Rabbit Rescue
KM676229 Race to the End of the World
KM674881 Rainbow Colors
KM640263 Red Red Red
KM677608 Reptiles & Amphibians
KM678834 Riverside Friends
KM673846 Rocky Road
KM679022 Room on Our Rock
KM640287 Rose's Dress of Dreams
KM640386 Sara's Dream Role
KM679664 Saves the Day!
KM678933 Scaredy Cat
KM676687 Scientist Academy
KM672207 Scorpion Sting
KM675758 Scribble & Author
KM678353 Scurvy Dogs and the Dinosaur Boneyard
KM674591 Scurvy Dogs
KM679121 Secretos de la costa
KM679541 Secretos de la selva tropical
KM679114 Secretos del planeta tierra
KM674669 Secrets of Animal Camouflage
KM675369 Secrets of Our Earth
KM672436 Secrets of the Apple Tree
KM673259 Secrets of the Rain Forest
KM673099 Secrets of the Seashore
KM674133 Secrets of the Vegetable Garden
KM673693 Secrets of Winter
KM678179 See a Rainbow
KM671194 Shark Bait
KM785782 Shine-A-Light 2017 Collection (13 books)
KM679206 Si digo OOH tu dices AAH
KM675512 Snowflake in My Pocket
KM678582 So you think you know about... Stegosaurus?
KM678605 So you think you know about... Triceratops?
KM678575 So you think you know about... Tyrannosaurus Rex?
KM678599 So you think you know about... Velociraptor?
KM640294 Sophie Takes to the Sky
KM677790 Speak Up, Mouse!
KM673440 Spider Bite
KM677806 Splish-splash, Seahorse!
KM673112 Spooky House
KM676731 Spots and Stripes
KM677783 Squawk, Toucan!
KM677653 State Capitals
KM678629 Stay Strong!
KM678919 Steady Sloth
KM678254 Steve, Terror of the Seas
KM674638 Stolen Stash
KM676045 Story Path
KM673648 Strawberry Thief
KM640584 Superhero Baby!
KM640799 Superhero Squad
KM676861 Superheroes
KM677622 Survival Skills Handbook Vol. 1
KM679282 Survival Skills Handbook Vol. 2
KM679343 Survival Skills Handbook Vol. 3
KM678193 Switch and Swap Animals
KM678209 Switch and Swap Ocean
KM676182 Take Ted Instead
KM673617 Tale of Two Beasts, A
KM677325 The Adventures of Alfie Onion
KM678346 The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures
KM640546 The Apple of My Pie
KM670951 The Bad Butterfly
KM679671 The Ballerina
KM674164 The Beast of Blackmoor Bog
KM671002 The Beautiful Haircut
KM672610 The Best Party Ever
KM672580 The Best Project
KM673938 The Big Adventure
KM671842 The Big Sister
KM640454 The Biggest Story
KM640041 The Biology of Bananas
KM671828 The Birthday Mix-Up
KM641253 The Blizzard Challenge
KM677639 The Blizzard Challenge
KM678957 The Book Monster - Magnetic Calendar
KM674676 The Book Monster
KM678285 The Book of Answers
KM640492 The Book of Comparisons
KM676670 The Book of Comparisons
KM678278 The Book of Secrets
KM678797 The Book Without a Story
KM673921 The Bravest Kid
KM671873 The Bumpy Ride
KM673884 The Call of the Wild
KM679367 The Cave Challenge
KM640034 The Chemistry of Cola
KM671453 The Children Who Loved Books
KM671866 The Circus Lesson
KM678988 The Climbers
KM673891 The Copycat Kid
KM671217 The Crazy Cousins
KM675925 The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth
KM676595 The Dark Giants
KM673907 The Deep End
KM640423 The Desert Challenge
KM677646 The Desert Challenge
KM676434 The Dinosaur Guide
KM674171 The Drowned Kingdom
KM640409 The Earthquake Challenge
KM675321 The Elf Flute
KM677295 The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things
KM640720 The Extraordinary Life of Anne Frank
KM640744 The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson
KM640768 The Extraordinary Life of Malala Yousafzai
KM640737 The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong
KM640775 The Extraordinary Life of Rosa Parks
KM640751 The Extraordinary Life of Stephen Hawking
KM670999 The Extra-special Helper
KM679688 The Firefighter
KM132157 The Gas We Pass
KM676335 The Grabbem Getaway
KM640256 The Greatest Magician in the World
KM674652 The Human Body
KM785578 The Impossible Quest Complete Collection (5)
KM677684 The Jungle Challenge
KM279761 The Kitten's Tale
KM677288 The Lady from Nowhere
KM672573 The Little Lie
KM677516 The Lost Treasure
KM279020 The Mare's Tale
KM678667 The Medusa Curse
KM670975 The Midnight Feast
KM675000 The Midnight Mercenary
KM675291 The Midnight Owl
KM677493 The Missing Ace
KM679015 The Missing Bookshop
KM679572 The Monster Hunt
KM679374 The Mountain Challenge
KM674379 The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow
KM674386 The Mystery of the Jeweled Moth
KM679275 The Mystery of the Magic Stones
KM678421 The Mystery of the Midnight Peacock
KM676618 The Mystery of the Painted Dragon
KM671255 The New Friend
KM673914 The Night Fright
KM678506 The Omega Operation
KM640508 The Perfect Shelter
KM672603 The Playground Problem
KM675307 The Precious Ring
KM678490 The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears
KM673518 The Pup's Tale
KM279167 The Python Problem
KM679299 The River Challenge
KM674683 The River
KM671248 The Robot Blues
KM679312 The Safari Challenge
KM671224 The Scary Solo
KM641154 The Sea Challenge
KM640959 The Search for the Silver Witch
KM670982 The Second-best Friend
KM672566 The Secret Message
KM675444 The Silver Serpent Cup
KM677523 The Silver Thief
KM670968 The Soccer Star
KM671835 The Spotty Vacation
KM673556 The Sword of Kuromori
KM676588 The Time Shifter
KM672597 The Top Team
KM673945 The Toy Sale
KM678650 The Vanishing
KM640416 The Volcano Challenge
KM679268 The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster
KM671231 The Winning Goal
KM675314 The Wishing Seed
KM671262 The Worry Monsters
KM671859 The Worst Sleepover
KM640645 This is Crab
KM679978 This is Frog
KM673587 This is Not a Math Book
KM675147 This is Not a Science Book
KM675970 This is Not Another Math Book
KM678964 This is Owl
KM677813 Time for Bed, Hippo!
KM640393 Time to Brush
KM640935 Today I...
KM677349 Tom & Tallulah and the Witches' Feast
KM674607 Too Many Questions
KM674003 Too Many Tomatoes
KM675499 Town and Country
KM674645 Treasure Hunt
KM676359 Tropical Tangle
KM678971 Turn and Learn Weather
KM678995 Two Sides
KM679619 Un Reto en el Desierto
KM679633 Un Reto en el Mar
KM679602 Un Reto en la Nieve
KM679626 Un Reto en la Selva
KM677400 Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure
KM677417 Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Pajimminy-Crimminy Unusual Adventure
KM678896 Upside-Down Sid
KM678520 Vasilisa the Wise
KM678476 Vehicles
KM675451 Vet Academy
KM678315 Washed Up
KM677226 What a Wonderful Word
KM678551 What If I Know My Feelings?
KM678544 What If I Know My Opposites?
KM640836 What If I Know My Shapes?
KM640829 What If I Want to Be Kind?
KM675123 What Will Danny Do Today?
KM676700 What's Above?
KM675420 What's Below?
KM678469 Where Happiness Lives
KM676663 Where's Jane?
KM640706 Where's Lenny?
KM674072 Where's Will
KM674621 Who's Ready to Play
KM640096 Wild Animals Activity Book (CV)
KM677592 Wild Survival
KM291266 Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
KM679077 Witty Quotes
KM674157 Wolves of the Witchwood
KM677189 Wonders of Our World
KM675437 Wonders of the USA
KM678827 Woodland Friends
KM678377 Worst Camp Ever
KM678131 You Are a Star
KM678018 You Choose in Space
KM673426 You Choose
KM640539 You Complete Me
KM676816 You're Amazing, Anna Hibiscus!

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