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Test of Cognitive Skills, Second Edition (TCS/2) is a highly regarded cognitive abilities test that reliably measures skills and abilities that are important for academic success in Grades 2-12. It features scores for three critical cognitive factors: verbal, nonverbal, and memory. TCS/2 is the only major academic ability test that measures memory.

TCS/2 includes both age- and grade-appropriate norms.

TCS/2 has six test levels for better content focus at each target grade range. Each level contains four subtests that contribute to a better understanding of a student's ability to succeed.
  • Test 1(Sequences) measures the ability to comprehend a rule or principle implicit in a series of figures, letters, or numbers.
  • Test 2 (Analogies) measures the ability to discern various literal and symbolic relationships.
  • Test 3 (Memory) measures the ability to recall previously presented pictorial materials or nonsense words.
  • Test 4 (Verbal Reasoning) measures the ability to reason deductively, analyze category attributes, and discern relationships and patterns.