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The Ability to Change Your Mind
Adult Brain Exercises
May, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

It is a commonly held misconception that as people get older they have less ability to change. This stems from the comparison of the explosive period of growth and change at the beginning of life to the more gradual changes that take place later in life. The truth is that people always have the ability to change and sharpen their mental acuities, it just takes a little more time and effort as age increases.

An adult that wants to sharpen his or her mental function only needs the desire to do so and a small amount of dedication. The brain can be thought of like any other muscle: in order to keep it in top condition, it must be exercised regularly and, on occasion, to the edge of its ability. Brain exercises from The Critical Thinking Co. take many forms and exercise different elements of thought and reasoning.

One of the most popular Critical Thinking products is the Mind Benders series of logic puzzles. These riddles and puzzles require one to think creatively and to use reasoning and critical thinking abilities. Other products focus on visual and figural, verbal, or deductive logic. These products are designed to be challenging enough for adults while remaining fun and entertaining--unlike so many adult education tools.

Whether you are an engineer, a sales representative, a lawyer, a chef, or an NFL linebacker, critical thinking and deductive reasoning are critical to your functioning at the peak of your abilities. At The Critical Thinking Co., we are focused on helping children and adults of all ages develop thinking habits that lead to a deep understanding of subject matter, improved communication skills, and stronger deductive powers. All of our products use critical thinking and critical reading to achieve these goals.