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Edutainment vs. Educational Value
Educational Software For Kids
May, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

As computers continue to permeate all aspects of life, it is only to be expected that computers and educational software are becoming powerful learning tools. Rather than use them simply as tools for research, computers give kids access to a plethora of educational games and learning programs. This has resulted in the explosion of "edu-tainment" software--which, unfortunately, sometimes values the entertainment aspect over the educational.

The Critical Thinking Co. has been one of the premier developers of educational tools and software for over 50 years. The Critical Thinking Co. products are designed to help parents supplement their children's educations or replace public education with complete homeschool curricula. The award-winning products meet all of the nationally specified standards as well as many individual state standards.

The Critical Thinking Co. educational software games are cross-curriculum products that are designed to be entertaining enough to keep kids engaged but not at the cost of sacrificing the educational content. The software is actually guaranteed to produce better grades and higher test scores by stressing core logic and depth of analysis. The more students learn to think critically, and to problem-solve logically, the better equipped they are to find the correct answers.

The Critical Thinking Co. family of products cover all of the core curricula in math, science, history, reading, writing, language, and literature. Each category is divided into appropriate grade levels from PreK-12 and there are supplemental programs to teach logic, critical thinking, and other basic learning skills. There are even programs to help you prepare your children for national and state assessment tests.