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Testimonials for David Kalvitis and Monkeying Around's Challenging Dot-to-Dots

"These puzzles would help so much with not only number practice, but thinking logically and in order, focus, and small motor skills. Another great feature is how well they would work for all skill levels at the same time; something that can be challenging to find." -Lisa, Michigan

"Thank you so much for letting us, me and my students, use your work for a mathematics unit. The specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill we addressed was 'Mathematics in Art and Architecture'. My students are 8th grade students experiencing really cool 'Dot-to-Dot!' art for the first time."

"I've never had so much fun in math class thanks to you!" -Danielle, 8th Grade Student, Diane, El Paso, TX

“I really appreciated the fact that you number higher than most dot-to-dot books and that you have some interesting variations such as the 'Sets', 'Field of Dots', 'Stars', and 'Odd/Even'. These variations make your pages more challenging and reinforce math skills, and, as a teacher, I really appreciate that." -Donna, Denver Christian Schools, Denver, CO

"This book presents dot-to-dots in a fun way, and more importantly, leaves you until the last few pen strokes before you're able to identify the incredibly detailed drawings."

"Highly recommended for kids and adults." -Larry, Entertainer, age 29

"I am writing in regards to your Dot-to-Dot books. I absolutely love them! You do such a fantastic job in creating them. I like how you don't know what the picture is till you're done. Also, I like that fact that you don't always use numbers to follow the dots. I find the arrows difficult, but I like the challenge. Also, I like the symbols, directions, and all your other ways to follow the dots. You are very gifted in designing them. They are very unique and different. Keep up the fantastic work." -Jane, Brandon, FL

"Recently I bought two of your dot-to-dot books and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing them. I'm a puzzle lover. I believe puzzles keep the brain quick. I've shown your book to some of my acquaintances who agree that they're cool and challenging so I need extra order forms. I'm going to need one for myself as well... I'm hooked! I did the compass puzzle - WOW! That's what I've got to say about it. You've got a faithful customer right here and I plan on owning every book you create!" - Lisa, Palm Beach, FL

“My son is eating up your books! And he's only 4 1/2! He has learned to count way past 100, all because he enjoys doing your dot-to-dots so much! Thanks for a job well done." -Margaret, Mom, Richmond, VA

"It really is the "greatest" of it's kind."

"This isn't like the dot-to-dot books I had as a kid. Like many others, I did them until I felt I had outgrown dot-to-dots. It wasn't until I saw these puzzles that I realized it wasn't dot-to-dots I had outgrown. It was the existing dot-to-dot books out there. This book, however, takes these simple puzzles to a new level. "I recently purchased your Greatest Dot to Dot book (Books 1 & 2) with the intent of using them in my daily practice. I am a physical therapist specializing in Vestibular Rehabilitation and working closely with patients status post stroke. Many of these patients have decreased visual perception, difficulty with visual scanning, processing disorders, and difficulty following sequences. Your puzzles address these concerns in a unique and inventive manner."
-Beth, Level 2 clinician, Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • The Toy Man® 2011 Fifty Best
  • 2011 Mom's Choice Award®
  • 2011 The Toy Man® Seal
  • 2010 Dr. Toy Best Pick
  • 2010 National Parent Center Award
  • 2010 Major Fun Award
  • 2009 Creative Child Award
  • 2009 WTS 5 Star Toy Review
  • 2007 Major Fun Award
  • 2007 Creative Child Award
  • 2006 Oppenheim Toy Award
  • 2004 Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys
  • 2004 Creative Child Award
  • 2004 Informal Education Award
  • 2003 National Parent Center Award