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Aristotle Circle is a New York company who provides tutoring and admission advisory services. They have developed a range of workbooks for use in test preparation.

From Aristotle Circle:
Aristotle Circle has developed and published numerous award-winning publications for pre-school to high school students. The workbooks are engaging and extremely effective at reducing stress and achieving optimal test results. Aristotle Circle's guides to standardized childhood testing are developed by child psychologists, testing and education experts.

Aristotle Circle's workbooks are created by experts and insiders with two overriding goals: to demystify the tests for you and to help your child succeed. They debunk common misconceptions about what the tests are, how they are administered, what is actually being tested, and how to best prepare. The guides break down each test into its components and include exercises and activities that focus exclusively on the concepts that are tested.

From Think Tonight:
Aristotle Circle's material is priced at the high end of tutoring materials offered in the market. You are paying for very targeted content - so targeted that ethical issues have been raised with respect to using their workbooks for some tests - and design features which add to production cost.

We have had positive feedback from parents and tutors with respect to these titles. We also find that these titles are returned more than anything we sell - primarily by parents who didn't realize how few questions they'd be getting for their money.
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