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Columbia Games manufacture block and trading card games the old fashioned way: with time and care.

The games are designed to be played many times over, with mounting interest and enjoyment each time. The games are fast play so that decisions can be made quickly. They are tense, exciting, challenging, yet easy to learn. Most war games utilize an unrealistic god's eye view. Each player knows the full capabilities of the opposing sides. The block format allows for fog of war where each player must commit to battles without knowing their opponent's strength and without the security of known probabilities. Fog of War makes many of the games suitable for solitaire play.

Playing any game requires thinking skills as one learns rules, evaluates strategies and implements plans. Historically accurate games add history and geography to this mix.Try different strategies to assess how the outcomes might have changed if the commanders had made different choices. Get inspired about the period and motivated to learn more. Play through history and investigate the development of fighting units and strategies as technology advanced.

Do you have children who collect trading cards? Instead of the current hot ticket item try Eagles, Bull Run or Shiloh. Your child can gradually build up the army of the era complete with commanders and replay the battles. Learn about the battles leading up to Waterloo and what might have happened at Bull Run.
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Napoleon Napoleon

On June 18, 1815, one of the most decisive battles in military history was fought in Belgian fields twenty miles southeast of Brussels.  How would you have fared as Napoleon or Wellington?

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