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Red Hen Books & Toys provides special, hard-to-find, educational materials, toys, and books for discriminating parents and educators worldwide. Their mission is to keep certain types of toys on the market that the big box stores have abandoned. As a result, some of their items are Red Hen exclusives (and whenever possible, made in the USA).

We've selected from their range some activities that will really build your children's awareness of shape and color and location, all essential skills for non-verbal reasoning. Use these with young children to teach the basics and with older children, and even adults, to extend the learning and for the pleasure of playing with colors and shapes.

These toys are classics for a reason - children love to play with them and, while they play, they build essential skills.
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Color Cubes Color Cubes

Age: 3+

Each of the 25 blocks in this classic toy from the 1920s has four sides in solid colors (red, white, blue and yellow) and two sides are divided diagonally between red/white and yellow/blue, allowing millions of creative possibilities. This toy will improve a child's visual/spatial reasoning while providing hours of fun.

Our Price: $39.95
Kaleidograph Crystal Kaleidograph Crystal

Age: 5+

Explore crystalline geometries in brilliant color with this deceptively simple Kaleidograph® set. Both a toy and a design tool, the 9 die-cut cards (and 3 solid color backer cards) can be arranged into billions of designs. Foster creativity, reward with surprise and bring out the designer in everyone. Visual exploration and experimentation.

Our Price: $12.95