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For many years when customers have called and asked for suggestions to improve their child's spatial reasoning or perhaps their performance in the Block Design section of the WISC or the Stanford-Binet we've suggested they use Tangram Puzzles. We grew up with Tangrams and thought they were a classic which everyone knew about. Apparently not. To make it easy for all those future customers looking for fun and effective resources we now carry tangram puzzles from Tangoes/Smart Games. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did.

For preschoolers Tangoes Jr. is the place to start. From about age 5 you can use Tangoes Classic. Most 5 year olds won't be able to do all these puzzles. Most adults won't be able to do all these puzzles. But start your child at 5 and work on it gradually and you'll amazed at how soon they surpass you.

Tangoes are also perfect for older adults looking for brain building exercises.
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Tangram Block and Puzzle Set Tangram Block and Puzzle Set

Age: 5+

One set of brightly colored tangram blocks and a number of tangram puzzle problems.Color of tangrams varies.

Our Price: $5.49