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How to Play Bambino Veritech - a stimulating game with a unique self-correcting system!

1.  Open the book at the first problem set.   Open the Bambino Veritech case and remove the tiles. 
2.  Place the transparent case on top of the problem set you're going to do.  Pick up the tile with the symbol corresponding to the symbol in the upper left hand corner of the first square.
3.  Find the answer to the problem on the bottom page.  (In the exercise shown you're matching shapes.  They're green on the top page and same shapes appear in purple on the bottom page).  Now place the tile you're holding over the answer box.


4.  Once you've completed all the problems close the case on top of the tiles. 
5.  Turn the case over to show the pattern on the back.  If this pattern matches the patten in the book you have all the problems correct.


How to Play Veritech

When your child is ready to move on there's Veritech.  The play system is very similar.  Answers are recorded by placing tiles in the case.  The pattern made on the back of the tiles is checked to the pattern in the book once the problem is complete.

The picture on the left shows the set up for the problem.  The book is open at the exercise and the transparent part of the case laid over the answer options on the bottom.

The picture on the right shows the completed puzzle.  The tiles have all been placed in the case to record the matching top and bottom figures.  The case has been closed and turned over so that the pattern the tiles make on the back can be checked to the pattern in the book.