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"My kid see these books as a fun activity rather than 'work.' They each do a few activities a day and find them enjoyable and very easy to do independently!" -T. S.

"My son reads a lot and this book is a wonderful addition. It's not just more things to read at his level but includes questions on each story that requires him to think about what he read and process it. He's enjoying the book a lot and we're happy with his progress in it." - S. N.

"This book is wonderful! We completed teaching our son to read using "The Reading lesson: Teach your child to read in 20 easy lessons". We looked at many "reading" books, but so many of them were actually fill in the blank vocabulary sheets, or incredibly short passages. This book is organized very well, usually teaming two pages together for a topic. The first is an informative, more non-fiction passage with comprehension questions, and the second is a fiction passage also with comprehension activities. It also teaches nouns, verbs, main vs supporting ideas and adds many vocabulary words that normally don't come up in conversation." -Amazon Reviewer

"My daughter is in first grade and we supplement her regular school work with this book. She really enjoys the exercises, the reading is just right between challenging and not too frustrating, and I like how many of the exercises are interrelated. I will buy more from this series." -L.N.
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The Complete Book of Sight Words The Complete Book of Sight Words

Grade(s): pre K and up
Pages: 576 (perforated, color)

Learning to recognize common words that don't follow regular spelling rules--and can't be “sounded out”--is an important step to becoming a strong reader. The engaging activities in this workbook teach 220 of these essential words in a structured format that encourages independent work. Fun games and puzzles keep children's interest level high, unit tests review and reinforce new vocabulary.

Our Price: $19.95
Summer Activities for the Gifted Student going into Grade 5 Summer Activities for the Gifted Student going into Grade 5

Grade: entering 5
Pages: 191

Thought-provoking exercises designed to challenge your advanced learner during the vacation months helping your child to transition seamlessly from one grade to the next.

Our Price: $8.95