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The LUK learning system from Beyond123 offers effective and enjoyable activities to develop intellectual growth in children from 2 years of age until about 8. Unlike many products developed for the US market which focus on drilling information the LUK system (developed in Germany and used throughout Europe) systematically teaches children core thinking skills like visual discrimination, memory training, concentration, association, vocabulary, visual-spatial awareness, differentiation, logical thinking, comparison, correlation and more. This is an excellent collection of activities to use to build your child's cognitive skills.

The LUK system is ideal for use for the preparation of preschoolers and older children for cognitive ability tests like the OLSAT, CogAT, NNAT, WPPSI, WISC, ERB etc. The range of activities are designed to teach children how to think and analyze. The design of the activities develops concentration and independent work habits. For some young children the ability to concentrate can be as important as what they know when they're faced with a testing situation.

Each LUK system contains one uniquely designed controller for self-checking and a series of workbooks targeted for specific skills. The learning model is consistent and easy for children to operate. The contents of the workbooks are age appropriate, challenging, and fun. The flexible system adapts to individual needs and enables all children to advance their higher level thinking skills. This system is appropriate for independent learning, guided play, and small group instruction. It is ideal for use in homes, learning centers and schools.

Skill areas taught using this system include:
  • Visual perception - observation, comparison, recognition, visual discrimination, shapes, colors, sizes
  • Concentration - focusing on task, retention, extending attention span
  • Critical thinking and higher order thinking skills - association, relationship, sequencing, sorting, combining, orientation, logical thinking and reasoning, spatial analysis
  • Language and general knowledge development - vocabulary, tools, activities, animals, seasons, environments
  • Math - counting, matching objects with numbers, consecutive numbers, addition, subtraction, elements of geometry, spatial relationships.

The LUK Learning System originated in Germany 40 years ago. It is now a core piece of the German curriculum. LUK is the number 1 best-selling learning system in Europe with thousands of titles in print in 15 languages.

LUK with SpecialLUK for 2 year olds and children with special needs, bambinoLUK for 3-5 year olds miniLUK Challenger for 5-7 year olds and MiniLUK Advance for ages 7 and up is new to the US but already accumulating awards, including iparenting recognition as one of the top educational toys for toddlers, and a Disney Family pick as one of the top 16 educational toys for toddlers.

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