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We carry the very popular LUK series of books from Beyond123. In simple terms Veritech is the Canadian version of the LUK Learning System. As with LUK the easiest level of books are called Bambino. Children then progress to Veritech (corresponds to miniLUK).

The miniLUK controller and Veritech Case are interchangeable. Either will work with both sets of books.

The Veritech Bambino Case is the same size as the LUK Bambino controller but the tiles uses a different set of shapes.

Veritech books have a different feel to LUK. The illustrations have more detail and are less vivid. There is more language used both in the presentation of the exercises and in the way the exercises are likely to be completed.

As we write in May 2013 we have limited quantities of Veritech on hand. We will be reordering mid June based on demand and should have ample inventory of all titles available in July.