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The recommendations below are for the typical gifted child taking the E level of the NNAT® (Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test®) commonly given in Grades 5 and 6.  NNAT® and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® are registered trademarks of NCS Pearson.  The recommendations made here are those of thinktonight and are not endorsed by NCS Pearson.

Building Thinking Skills is my number one recommendation.  Level 3 is for the typical child in Gr 7 and up.  The most difficult questions on the NNAT® will require analysis skills at this level and an able 5rd grader will be ready for this level of work.   If you'd prefer that your child started with something simple and easily achievable then have a look at Level 2 of Building Thinking Skills.  This is available in book and software (same skill set, different presentation).  Have a look at the sample pages (click on "more info" below for the product you are interested in) and see how difficult your child finds them.
Think Ahead Games requires children to find a path through a grid of shapes.  They need to recognize patterns, classify, compare and contrast and more.  These skills are all required to perform well on the NNAT®.  Think Ahead Games has adjustable difficulty levels so works well for all ages.

Memory Challenge is focused solely on visual memory.  While this is not tested for in the NNAT® a child with a strong visual memory has usually developed skills while developing that memory which positively impact testing.  Memory Challenge has adjustable difficulty levels so works well for all ages.
SET is a game of visual perception.  It can be played solitarie or with multiple players.  It requires the identification of sets of cards based on four attributes - color, symbol, number and shading.  The ability to quickly identify similarities and differences and classify them into sets will stand a child in good stead in a test like the NNAT®.
Visual Mind Benders are deductive logic puzzles using visual clues.  The software has the same puzzles as the book but they're in color. 
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Visual Discrimination Visual Discrimination: Exploring and Solving Picture Patterns

Grade: 2-6
Pages: 36
Reproducible for single home or classroom use

Developing the ability to recognize visual patterns builds visual discrimination and critical thinking skills necessary for academic achievement. 30 reproducible worksheets of increasing complexity. Each worksheet provides the student with the task of examining pictures to identify patterns and sequences.

Our Price: $8.95
Patterns in Mathematics Patterns in Mathematics

Grade: 3-6
Pages: 88

Diverse reproducible activity pages range from completing simple patterns to data sorting and classification. The activities develop conceptual skills that will be important to success in more abstract math subjects.

Our Price: $12.95
The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World, Book 6 The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge, Book 6

Grade(s): 3 and up
Pages: 48

Improving non-verbal thinking skills was never so much fun! Your child will enjoy completing a puzzle as they build non-verbal reasoning skills with innovative puzzles that include not just counting but following co-ordinates, mapping, alphabetical order, visual closure, visual discrimination, visual motor integration and much more. A variety of puzzle types is included in each book.

Our Price: $8.95
NNAT® Prep Bundle for Grade 5 NNAT Prep Bundle for Gifted Children in Grade 5-6

Collection of titles to prepare your student in Grade 5 or 6 for the Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test® (NNAT®, NNAT2®)

List Price: $79.99
Our Price: $71.99
You save $8.00!
Self Scoring IQ Tests Self-Scoring IQ Tests

Grade(s): middle school and up
Pages: 31

The best approximation of IQ that is available without going to a professional examiner. Contains two comprehensive tests, similar to the elaborate standardized ones administered by professional psychologists like the WISC and Stanford-Binet, perfectly designed to measure your cognitive skills, reasoning abilities, quick-learning capability, and problem-solving proficiency.

Our Price: $5.95
Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural

Grade(s): 7-12+
Activities: 259
Pages: 280

Building Thinking Skills® provides highly effective nonverbal reasoning activities to improve vocabulary, reading, writing, math, logic, and figural-spatial skills, as well as visual and auditory processing. This exceptional skill set provides a solid foundation for academic excellence and success on any assessment test.

Our Price: $29.99