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Skill Matrix and Recommendations to Prepare for the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test®

OLSAT-8® Level E recommended for administration in Gr 5


(The same OLSAT®  Test is used to test children in Gr 4 and Gr 5.  When scores are standardized to get a percentile ranking for each child an adjustment is made for age.  An older child needs to get more questions correct to get the same percentile ranking as a younger child.  If you have limited time or the recommendations here look too difficult for your child please browse the Gr 4 Level E recommendations.)


Skills Tested

Verbal Comprehension – Antonyms, Sentence Completion, Sentence Arrangement

Verbal Reasoning – Arithmetic Reasoning, Logical Selection, Word/Letter Matrix, Verbal Analogies, Verbal Classification, Inference

Figural Reasoning – Figural Analogies, Pattern Matrix, Figural Series

Quantitative Reasoning – Number Series, Number Inference, Number Matrix


How can I prepare my child to do well in a test of these skills?

Scroll down for information on the books and software recommended in the table.   


Building Thinking Skills Level 3 verbal

Brain Stretchers Book 1


Sentence Completion

Run-on Riddlers B1

Spectrum Test Prep Grade 6


Sentence Arrangement

Run on Riddlers B1


Arithmetic Reasoning

Spectrum Test Prep Grade 6

Math Detective A1 book or software

Mathematical Reasoning Book 2 student and instructor


Logical Selection

Mind Benders A3

Brain Stretchers Book 2

Creative Thinking Puzzlers B1


Word/Letter Matrix

Creative Thinking Puzzlers B1


Verbal Analogies

Think Analogies B1 or Thinkanalogy Puzzles B1

Building Thinking Skills Level 2 book or software

Spectrum Test Prep Gr 5


Verbal Classification

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 verbal



Brain Stretchers Book 1


Figural Analogies

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 figural


Pattern Matrix

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 figural

Visual Mind Benders B1


Figural Series

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 figural


Number Series

Brain Stretchers Book 1


Number Inference

Brain Stretchers Book 1


Number Matrix

Brain Stretchers Book 1


In General

Think-a-Minutes C1 and C2

Spectrum Test Practice Gr 6


Overwhelmed by the choices?  Here are our recommendations in order for the typical child.  The first two are the most important. 

  • Building Thinking Skills for core verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills
  • Brain Stretchers for core quantitative reasoning skills and logic
  • Think Analogies or Thinkanalogy Puzzles for the nitty gritty on verbal analogies and lots of examples
  • Spectrum Test Prep for examples of how questions might look on a test and general information on how to approach a multiple choice test (if your child is a good test taker you can pass on this one)
  • Run on Riddlers for word play within sentences
  • Creative Thinking Puzzles for a variety of puzzles playing with language and numbers
  • Mind Benders for logic 
  • Think-a-Minutes for practice solving a variety of puzzles using skills that will be tested and similar skills.  Learn to brainstorm and move on when you just can't see the answer.
  • Math Detective if math isn’t your child’s strong point and paying attention to the details within a question is something they need to practice
  • Mathematical Reasoning if your child needs to work on core math concepts
  • Spectrum Test Practice for a child who needs more practice with the format of multiple choice tests
  • Visual Mind Benders to challenge your child to solve a problem presented as a matrix

OLSAT® and Otis-Lennon School Ability Test® are registered trademarks of NCS Pearson (previously Harcourt Assessment Services) who own rights to and publish the OLSAT-8®.  The recommendations made here are those of Think Tonight and are not endorsed by NCS Pearson