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Primary Grade Challenge Math Primary Grade Challenge Math

Grade(s): 1-4
Pages: 311

Primary Grade Challenge Math offers material that goes beyond calculation skills for those children who enter the primary grades already knowing basic concepts. This book allows parents and teachers to instill a deeper level of mathematical understanding and thinking skills in young children while nurturing a love of mathematics.

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Upper Elementary Challenge Math Upper Elementary Challenge Math

Grade(s): 3-5
Pages: 380

Designed for students who need more challenging material than they typically encounter in most math curricula. Each chapter contains instruction and problems at 4 levels of difficulty. In addition, each chapter includes multiple “problem sets” in which a single problem type is presented in increasingly complex steps, illustrating how a simpler problem can progress from one step to multistep problem solving.

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Challenge Math Challenge Math

Grade(s): 4-9
Pages: 429

Challenge Math provides enrichment math activities and develops student problem solving skills. Over 1000 problems at three levels of difficulty to challenge even the brightest students.

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Becoming a Problem Solving Genius
Becoming a Problem Solving Genius Becoming a Problem Solving Genius

Grade(s): 4-12
Pages: 320

Every math student needs a tool belt of problem solving strategies to call upon when solving word problems. In addition to many traditional strategies, this book includes new techniques such as Think 1, the 2-10 method, and others developed. Each chapter contains problems at five levels of difficulty to meet the needs of not only the average math student, but also the highly gifted.

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