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Nifty Fifty Nifty Fifty

Grade: 2-6
Pages: 109
Activities: 50 topics each with 10 questions

Nifty Fifty is designed to introduce the "Aha" factor into your day. This title has 50 pages each containing 10 fundamental, provocative, questions about a familiar object such as tree, meal, farm.

Our Price: $15.99
Are They Thinking? Are They Thinking

Grade: 2-6
Pages: 320Activities:150 multi-part

A workbook with the focus on five different thinking skills, one for every day of the week for 30 weeks. The higher-order thinking areas are: analytical, flexible, and elaborative thinking; problem solving; and originality.

Our Price: $27.99
Think-et Purple Think-et Purple

Age: 8 and up (due to small size of pieces)

A portable set of trinkets with ideas as to how to use them to build creativity, memory, analytical thinking and more while having fun.Take 15 tiny treasures from all over the world and use them 10 different ways, including for hilarious storytelling, mind-bending memory games and even a challenging strategy game. Think-ets is ideal for home, restaurants, waiting rooms or pool-sides.

Our Price: $9.99