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The Critical Thinking Co. publishes wonderful, high quality books, to enrich children's thinking and learning. Over the years they have adapted many of these titles to a software format. Apart from Think Analogies the content of the books and the software are identical. The difference is in the presentation.

The Critical Thinking Co. prides itself in providing education not entertainment. Unfortunately as technology has moved on children have been more used to high quality graphics and user friendly interfaces. For children who have grown up with ipads and smart phone apps this software can look old and tired and clunky.

For these reasons we have decided to stop carrying the software. Our remaining inventory is listed below at clearance prices. All software runs on current version of Windows and Mac operating systems. There are no issues with operation or functionality. If your children don't need high intensity engagement they will probably enjoy playing and learning with this software. In my family Think Analogies and Word Roots were very popular. My children are heavy computer gamers. They tolerated the clunky interface for the intellectual challenge. Perhaps yours will too.

Please direct any questions to [email protected] or give Helen a call on 425-688-1183