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Parents don't usually make the effort to seek out WPPSI testing for their child unless they have reason to believe that their child is cognitively advanced and need test results for a reason (like an application to a specialized school program). The products suggested here were chosen under the assumption that you've got a bright child.

We recommend bundles of titles because of the breadth of the WPPSI but the titles from the bundles are available for individual purchase (click on the bundle for links to individual products). Young children learn through play which is why we've included the manipulative block set in our recommendations below. Don't expect your child to be ready to write answers to all the questions or to be able to read problems independently. What's important is the thinking that goes into finding the solution. Read to them, scribe for them and discuss with them as necessary.

Building Thinking Skills is the core series we recommend. It teaches verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. Choose from the Building Thinking Skills Primary, Hands on Thinking Skills and/or Building Thinking Skills Level 1. Building Thinking Skills Primary will be simple for most gifted 4 year olds. We include it because many children like to succeed and it's better to start simple than to present them with overly challenging material. Hands on Thinking Skills is a similar level to Building Thinking Skills Primary but focuses entirely on non-verbal reasoning skills. It has activities using manipulative blocks which are sold separately (the Primary level has block activities too but not as many). We include Hands on Thinking Skills in our recommendations because the area of non-verbal reasoning (also called spatial or figural reasoning) concerns many parents because it's most different from what is taught in academic classes. Both Building Thinking Skills Primary and Hands on Thinking Skills are included in the Gr K-1 Book Bundle.

Building Thinking Skills Level 1 software is included because many able four year olds are ready to learn at this level and being able to answer questions at this level of difficulty will serve them well during testing. There is a book version of Building Thinking Skills Level 1 but for a four year old we recommend the software. The colorful variety of the presentation is more appealing to young children than a black and white book and the software allows a child to repeat exercises as often as they wish.

The LUK Learning system was designed to teach children core cognitive skills. It comprises a set of books with a controller. The design enables your child to work independently gaining confidence and improved concentration skills as they work on cognitive skills. Titles in the bundle are available in two and three workbook sets. Static and animated demonstrations of how the system works can be found in the LUK area of our website.

Finally Memory Challenge is included because visual memory is an important skill that it takes effort to acquire. Memory Challenge is suitable for use by children from when they can manipulate a mouse up through adults. Providing your child with exposure to something where they have to make an effort and can observe their improvement will help prepare them for the difficult questions they face during testing. It won't help them know the answers but it will help build the internal resources to try and to not give up. Try it yourself. Observing you persevering and improving teaches important lessons too.