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Parents don't usually make the effort to seek out WPPSI testing for their child unless they have reason to believe that their child is cognitively advanced and need test results for a reason (like an application to a specialized school program).  The products suggested here were chosen under the assumption that you've got a bright child.

We recommend bundles of titles (The Critical Thinking Company Gr 2 Book Bundle and the miniLUK Advance) because of the breadth of the WPPSI but the titles from the bundles are available for individual puchase (click on the bundle for links to individual products).   Your child may not be ready to write answers to all the questions or to be able to read problems independently.  What's important is the thinking that goes into finding the solution.  Read to them, scribe for them and discuss with them as necessary.
Building Thinking Skills is the core series we recommend.  It teaches verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills.  Choose from Building Thinking Skills Level 1 or  Building Thinking Skills Level 2Building Thinking Skills Level 1 will be simple for most gifted six year olds . We include it because many children like to succeed and it's better to start simple than to present them with overly challenging material.  Both titles are available in book and software formats.  We included the Level 1 book so that you can move through it rapidly to give you child confidence and the Level 2 software so that your child can  repeat exercises which they have difficulty with.
The LUK Learning system was designed to teach children core cognitive skills.  It comprises a set of books with a controller.  The design enables your child to work independently gaining confidence and improved concentration skills as they work on cognitive skills.   Titles in the bundle are available in two and three workbook sets.  Static and animated demonstrations of how the system works can be found in the LUK area of our website.
Thinker Doodles is a series of "smart coloring in books".  They help with visual-motor integration and other skills.  
Memory Challenge is included because visual memory is an important skill that it takes effort to acquire.  Memory Challenge is suitable for use by children from when they can manipulate a mouse up through adults.  Providing your child with exposure to something where they have to make an effort and can observe their improvement will help prepare them for the difficult questions they face during testing.  It won't help them know the answers but it will help build the internal resources to try and to not give up.  Try it yourself.  Observing you persevering and improving teaches important lessons too.
SET is a game which integrates logic and spatial reasoning.  It can played solitaire or with a group. 
Finally we've included a title which is much simpler than the rest.  Listening to instructions and giving the expected answer (not a smart answer which you could justify at a push) is expected for testing.  Can You Find Me? is a book of logic riddles which is great for practising listening (read it to your child) and discussing how to answer.
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Teach Your Kids to Think Teach Your Kids to Think

For parents of children of all ages
Pages: 108
Author: Maria Fisk

Suggestions and tools to help parents teach their children how to think wisely and well during the time they already spend together.

Our Price: $14.95
Thinking Skills for Tests Thinking Skills for Tests Set

Grade(s): Pre K-2
Pages: 120 (two books with 60 pages each)

Nine core thinking skills form the base of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and logic and are commonly tested in primary level testing for school and gifted program placement. This title presents questions in a format similar to that of many commonly used tests. The Workbook presents the questions without words just as a student will see them during a test. The Instructor/Answer book provides a script for presenting the questions and additional information for building on the skills.

Our Price: $22.98
GATE Test Prep Bundle for Kindergarten GATE Test Prep Bundle for Kindergarten

The GATE Test Prep Bundle for Kindergarten contains our top picks to use in preparation for Gifted and Talented testing of your highly capable child.  This is also a great selection for all round enrichment.  Skills covered include Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Logic, Creativity and Test Taking

Publisher Price $169.25
Our Price: $152.99
You save $16.26!
Can You Find Me K-1 Can You Find Me K-1

Grade(s): K-1
Activities: 80
Pages: 101

Can You Find Me? develops skills in reading readiness, science, math, and social studies using five basic thinking skills: similarities and differences, sequences, classifications, analogies, and logic. Each riddle requires identification of two or more clues to deduce the answer. Activities may be enhanced by teaching additional information about the animals, objects, shapes, letters, and numbers used in the riddles.

Our Price: $16.99
Listen! Hear! Gr 1-2 Listen! Hear! Gr 1-2

Grade: 1-2
Pages: 31

Listen! Hear! is a series of two books with sequential activities designed to improve concentration levels and listening vocabulary.

Our Price: $7.95
Building Thinking Skills Level 1 Building Thinking Skills Level 1

Grade(s): 2-3
Pages: 370

Building Thinking Skills®
teaches non-verbal and verbal reasoning. These skills are rarely explictly taught in the classroom but are essential for academic excellence and success on any assessment test. In print for over 30 years this is a world-wide top seller. Also available in software - a game like presentation of the same exercises.

Our Price: $29.99
Thinking Skills & Key Concepts Thinking Skills & Key Concepts (Second Grade)

Grade: 2
Pages: 160, color

This book uses powerful lessons to develop thinking skills important to academic success while teaching the key kindergarten common core concepts. Enhance cognitive development through discussion and observation. Students develop analytical skills as well as deductive and inferential reasoning skills as they work through the exercises.

Our Price: $21.99
Thinking Skills & Key Concepts Thinking Skills & Key Concepts: Teacher's Manual (Second Grade)

Grade: 2
Pages: 192
Format: paperback, reproducible

Parent/Teacher Resource Manual to accompany student book. Does not contain questions. The Parent/Teacher resource contains teaching notes. It is highly recommended for new parents learn how to work with their child to develop higher order thinking skills.

Our Price: $22.99
Listen! Hear! Gr 3-4 Listen! Hear! Gr 3-4

Grade: 3-4
Pages: 31

Listen! Hear! is a series of two books with sequential activities designed to improve concentration levels and listening vocabulary.

Our Price: $7.95