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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Primary Practice Questions (Pre K to Gr 2)

Thinking Skills for Tests  contains 9 sections each with 12 questions formatted like the actual CogAT test.  In addition to the questions the parent book contains ample information explaining the nine core thinking skills which are tested and language to use with your child if they get questions wrong to help them develop the necessary skills.

Thinking Skills for Tests

The CogAT is a protected test which means that the test publisher does not release copies of the test to anyone. 

The CogAT comes in a number of different levels. The Primary Edition (levels K, 1 and 2) is administered orally and requires no reading skills. All the items are multiple choice with four pictorial answer choices. Students mark their answers directly on the test booklets by shading a bubble under the answer choice they select. The question paper the children see has no words on it. There are no time limits but because everything is read to the children the test administrator sets the pace. The test publisher suggests a total test administration time of approximately 3 hours with approximately 20 minutes spent on actual testing within each subtest.
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There are six subtests
  • Verbal aptitude- oral vocabulary, verbal reasoning.
Directions (read to child and not shown on test paper): Look at the pictures in this row.  Kory's family has a cat named Tabby.  When the family is away, Tabby waits for them.  Somehow Tabby always sees them before they get to the front door.  How does Tabby do this?  Fill in the circle under the correct answer.
  • Quantitative aptitude- relational concepts, quantitative concepts.
  • Non-Verbal aptitude - figure classification, matrices.

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Thinking Skills for Tests Thinking Skills for Tests Set

Grade(s): Pre K-2
Pages: 120 (two books with 60 pages each)

Nine core thinking skills form the base of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and logic and are commonly tested in primary level testing for school and gifted program placement. This title presents questions in a format similar to that of many commonly used tests. The Workbook presents the questions without words just as a student will see them during a test. The Instructor/Answer book provides a script for presenting the questions and additional information for building on the skills.

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