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Who Can Benefit From Cognitive Rehabilitation?
Cognitive Rehabilitation
May, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

Whether because of physical trauma, genetic factors, environmental factors, or personal attitudes, many students have special educational needs that require cognitive rehabilitation. It can be very difficult for an under-performing student to catch up in the confines of a traditional educational institution without outside assistance. Standard public school programs often do not have the resources or leeway to help students individually.

Education is supposed to build upon itself, and when a student lacks a strong foundation, it can be extraordinarily difficult for him or her to move on to the next level. The Critical Thinking Co. addresses such special needs by teaching students how to learn. Critical Thinking products are designed to encourage logic and reasoning as a means of finding answers rather than simply memorizing answers for tests.

As students begin to make the proper connections inside their brains, their retention of subject matter increases dramatically. This can also be said of seniors who are experiencing difficulties in retaining new information. Cognitive rehabilitation for senior citizens can mean the difference between an active retirement and a steady deterioration of mental capacities. Staying mentally sharp is key to enjoying the "golden years."

The Critical Thinking Co. over the past 30 years has developed educational aids and curricula for students from preschoolers to adults. Their contributions to homeschooling and gifted educational programs are well known, and many of the top-performing high schools in the U.S. have used Critical Thinking products. Their products are guaranteed to improve student performance with an unequaled money-back guarantee.