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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Form 7 Picture Format Practice Questions

The picture format of the CogAT is used with children up to age 8 (up to Gr 2 although for testing of highly capable children the Text Format Level 9 may be used in Grade 2).  The Picture Format levels are administered orally and require no reading skills. 
Our top product pick to give you and your child a better idea of what to expect is Thinking Skills for Tests but when you're ready back up to our grade level suggestions and you'll see many more titles which teach the skills tested.  If you'd like suggestions for a specific skill area please email us.  We like to help.
All the items are multiple choice with four pictorial answer choices. Students mark their answers directly on the test booklets by shading a bubble under the answer choice they select. The question paper the children see has no words on it.
There are no time limits but, because everything is read to the children, the test administrator sets the pace. The test publisher suggests a total test administration time of approximately 3 hours with approximately 20 minutes spent on actual testing within each subtest.
There are nine subtests in three different cognitive areas.
Verbal Battery
  • verbal analogies
  • verbal classification
  • sentence completion
Quantitative Battery
  • number analogies
  • number puzzles
  • number series
Nonverbal Battery
  • figure matrices
  • paper folding
  • figure classification


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