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Learning How To Learn: The Key To Success
Teaching Thinking Skills
May, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

For many educated people it can be nearly impossible to fathom why so many kids fail basic assessment tests and show little desire to learn. The students have been fed the mantra that education is the key to success but nothing seems to work. The problem is not that certain kids are unable or unwilling to learn, it is that they do not know how to learn.

So much of education in the past few decades has been eroded down to the basic memorization of facts, that students' abilities to think have been compromised. Teachers can hardly be blamed because state and federal assessments have tied their hands and teaching materials leave much to be desired. Teachers have little time to teach logic and analysis if they have to develop the tools from scratch.

The Critical Thinking Company has been providing educators with the means for boosting students' thinking abilities while meeting the standards assessments for over 30 years. Critical Thinking products are guaranteed to yield better grades and test scores, and no other company stands so strongly behind their products. Our cross-curriculum products will yield results regardless of a student's prior performance.

With the latest round of federal assessments being tied to school funding, many schools have cut most things that do not relate directly to testing. If students have nowhere to think except inside the box and no means to express themselves--artistically, musically, or otherwise--at school, then school becomes the last place they want to be. Capturing their imaginations and challenging their minds is what makes students perform well.