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Build Confidence And A Love of Learning
Early Childhood Curriculum
November, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

Early childhood is a time of wonder, openness, insatiable curiosity, and immense parental influence. The best way to help ensure your child's success later in life (from elementary school through adolescence and on) is to lay the groundwork for the education that will help them achieve their goals--whenever they figure out what those goals are. Early childhood curriculum should not be too demanding, of course, but it should present learning challenges.

The Critical Thinking Co. has developed a number of products parents can use to teach thinking skills and to build a child's confidence and exuberance for learning. During this period in a child's life, his or her cognitive abilities will expand faster and more profoundly that at any other time. By exposing your child to basic language skills and the rudiments of math, reading, writing, reasoning, art, and science, he or she can start school ahead of the curve.

Remembering that childhood should be fun, however, The Critical Thinking Co. developed our early childhood products with fun in mind. Through the use of rhyming riddles, colorful graphics, and accessible language, our products are as enticing to children and as fun for them as they are good for them. Our products were also designed with the schedules of busy parents in mind. They are easy to use and do not require hours of drills or tests.

The Critical Thinking Co. approach to early childhood education is based not on the accrual of facts and rules but rather on building good thinking skills. Our products introduce young children to logic, reason, and critical thinking in ways that they can understand. As the children then grow, they have the basic tools they will need to understand everything that comes after.