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Teach The Basics Even Before Preschool
Early Childhood Education
May, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

Through the tireless efforts of countless educators, parents, psychologists, and other concerned professionals, early childhood development has changed fundamentally. There was a time when children under five years of age were considered to be incapable of rational thought or of beginning their educations. Now, however, it is widely accepted that young children are fully capable of learning the basics before kindergarten.

Children that are exposed to basic arithmetic, language, and writing skills can enter into kindergarten with skill sets equal to those of many second graders. Small children are like sponges and they can soak up lessons that often astonish their parents. This early educational foundation can foster a joy of learning and, in later years, can put them far ahead of state and federal standards.

When some people think of early childhood education, they think of kids chained to desks and being robbed of their childhoods. At The Critical Thinking Co., however, nothing could be further from the truth. The Critical Thinking Co. early childhood products are designed specifically with fun in mind. From colorful pictures and rhyming riddles to interactive drawing and coloring lessons, our products introduce creative thinking and logic in ways children enjoy.

Whether to give your child a head start, to help your child catch up, or to provide a complete homeschool education, The Critical Thinking Co. provides educational content that is both fun and effective. Our products meet and exceed all federal standards and have been improving grades and test scores for 50 years.