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Turn Game Time Into Brain Time
Kids Educational Game
May, 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co.™ Staff

Educational games have been used for ages to add spice to the sometimes dry world of academics. At best, they are a fun and exciting way to get students engaged in the process of their own educations. Not all educational games for kids, though, live up to that standard. Some products in this category focus more on the entertainment value than on educational value. This is not the case with Bright Minds educational games.

The Critical Thinking Co. is focused on providing parents with the tools they need to stimulate their children's educational development. The Critical Thinking Co. products are often used as supplements to formal, public or private education within the school system. It can be quite difficult to assess a child's educational development with only periodic report cards, or to expand on what they are learning in school without the proper tools.

The Critical Thinking Co. products are also used extensively for homeschooling. The Critical Thinking Co. produces core curricula for preschool through high school that exceed the federally mandated minimum standards. With course materials in math, science, history, language arts, and social science, The Critical Thinking Co. products come with an unequaled guarantee of higher grades and better test scores--or your money back.

The Critical Thinking Co. can make such a guarantee because they stress critical thinking, reasoning, and logic in all of their coursework. They encourage students to find the answers to questions rather than just memorize facts for tests. By teaching learning skills along with the subject matter in their coursework and educational games, The Critical Thinking Co. prepares students for higher order thinking and retention of knowledge.