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The Bambino Veritech is a simplified version of the Veritech system designed for young children, aged from about 3 to 5. An answer key for each exercise, and an all-purpose see-through case containing 6 tiles, with an illustration on one side and a geometric pattern on the other, allow children to complete all of the self-correcting exercises with little or no guidance.

The Bambino Collection includes the Baba series, the adventures of Bambina, Bambino, and the wonderful magic dog Baba!

Each one of the Bambino / Baba books presents 11 exercises designed to support the intellectual development of young children. While children complete the exercises they learn to numerate, to sort and sequence, and to develop observation and concentration skills. The dynamic presentation and the rich illustrations capture the imagination of children. Bambino is suitable for individual and group use.

Instructions on How to Play are included at the beginning of each book.