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Billie's Super Duper Adventure Series
Billie B. Brown (4-7 years)
Hey Jack! (4-7 years)
Lily the Elf (5-7 years)
Anna Hibiscus (5-9 years)
Billie B. Mysteries (6-9 years)
EJ12: Girl Hero Series (7-10 years)
Wheelnuts (7-10 years)
Fizz the Police Dog (7-10 years)
Pet Vet (7-11 years)
Pup Patrol (7-11 years)
Mythical 9th Division (7-11 years)
Bear Grylls (Age 7 and up)
Extreme Adventures (8-12 years)
I am Jack (8-12 years)
Ella Diaries (8-12 years)
Axel & Beast (8-11 years)
The Gateway (8-12 years)
The Mapmaker Chronicles Series (9-14 years)
Impossible Quest Series (9-13 years)
Star of Deltora (9-14 years)
Choose Your Own Ever After (10-14 years)
The Sinclair's Mysteries (11 years and up)
Kumori Chronicles (age 14 years and up)
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The Adventures of Alfie Onion The Adventures of Alfie Onion

Ages: 7+
Pages: 192

Alfie Onion is off on a great adventure… carrying his brother’s luggage. But when elder brother, Magnifico turns out not to be the hero he’s cracked up to be, Alfie saves the day – with a little help from his loyal dog, a talking horse, and a pair of meddling magpies.

Our Price: $5.99
The Cherry Pie Princess The Cherry Pie Princess

Ages: 7+
Pages: 176

Bored and lonely Princess Peony wants to learn how to DO things – like cooking! But when Peony borrows a cookbook from the public library, the king has the old librarian who tried to help the princess arrested for "speaking out of turn." Can Peony stand up to her father and make things right?

Our Price: $5.99
Scurvy Dogs Scurvy Dogs

Age(s): 7-10 years
Pages: 96

Get ready to hoist the flag, trim the sails, man the oars... and laugh as a group of backyard dogs go on a hilarious, swashbuckling pirate journey in this graphic novel.

Our Price: $5.99
Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure

Ages: 8+
Pages: 192

A hilarious adventure with comical illustrations that will have audiences bursting with laughter! A badger kidnapped by two nasty sisters to fight a boxing match against three even nastier dogs, four depressed llamas about to become llama pies, and Uncle Shawn with a rescue plan?

Our Price: $5.99