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Veritech and LUK:
  • Let teachers reinforce lessons for at-risk students
  • Let teachers vary traditional evaluation methods (as a complementary evaluation tool)
  • Let students self-evaluate and allows them to get involved in their assessment
  • Let teachers take into account students’ individual learning needs
  • Let students use six types of intelligence (linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal)
  • Let teachers integrate multiple disciplines into lessons
  • Let students compile completed activities and chart their successes
  • Let students question themselves and initiate a metacognitive process (a key factor in educational success)
  • Let teachers add variety to classroom management
  • Let students carry out exercises in short periods of time

The VERITECH Collection was developed and designed for the Ontario primary school curriculum; it caters to children between 4 and 12. An answer key for each exercise, and an all-purpose see-through case containing 12 tiles, with numbers on one side and a geometric pattern on the other, allow children to complete all of the self-correcting exercises with little or no guidance.

The dynamic presentation of the books and the rich illustrations capture the imagination of children. Children develop literacy and numeracy skills, and discover natural science as they explore varied themes.

Each series of the collection is accompanied by the appropriate grade level correlations to help you choose the books you need to meet the program objectives in your classroom. You will find detailed illustrated presentations of each book as well as general descriptions of each series to guide you in your choice.

If you are not familiar with VERITECH we have a How to Play guide. Animated and static demonstrations are also available for the LUK Learning System.

We also carry LUK and supplementary worksheets for use with special needs students from Jay's Education.